• Tennis Anyone?

    Ok. You’ve put in the time to learn the routines, you’ve practiced for hours on end both with your partner and on your own, you’ve scheduled your hair and makeup appointments, your … more

  • Winter Wonderland (I wonder, I wonder ...)

    Winter has finally rolled into many places and if you’re like me, the heavy artillery has been rolled out! All the skimpy, sexy things have been replaced by the soft and snugly things, the … more

  • "This is my first competition. What do I need to know?"

    This is a broad question! Your teachers have done a most excellent job of getting your dancing ready or else you wouldn’t be going in the first place! As a competitor of many years, I learned … more


    “The eyes are the window to the soul…”

    How true it is! You can read a lot in someone’s eyes, pain, joy, sadness, love. Your eyes tell a whole story without a single word. … more

  • "I'm a guy! Wouldn't I look funny wearing make up?"

    When my guy hears the word “makeup” I hear a heavy sigh (please, put some on before we go out), see the eyes roll (how long will this take?) and know I will only get air kisses the rest … more

  • What to wear, what to wear??

    Your dancing speaks volumes, but your costume can also affect the judge’s final decision. I have seen many a great dancer in the wrong costume and it was terribly distracting!

    Not everyone has … more

  • The Power of Beauty

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall….”

    We’ve all asked that question at least once in our lives if not more than once a day! I, myself, have had delusions of grandeur only to be … more