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About Lisa


      At the very tender age of 3, my mother delighted in curling my golden locks and dressing me up.  I'm sure she later regretted this when, in my teens, I felt compelled to only leave the house once I had "pulled myself together" with makeup and hair - this included just going to the grocery store.  I regularly subjected my siblings to my creative nature, producing plays for every holiday on the calendar. Truth be told, it was the makeup, hair and costuming that necessitated the production.  I really didn't care that no one followed the script, because I got to dress them up.  Bless them for being willing participants!

      As a competing professional, I traveled with my partner and his students and found myself with a lot of free time since we didn't perform until the evenings.  Helping his ladies prepare for the day was something that came naturally to me as I frequently did my own makeup and hair at the events.  Allowing the ladies to be more relaxed before they took the floor was quite gratifying.  Makeup and hair was something I did for the enjoyment.  Never did I EVER think I would make a living out of it.  In 2001 at the fervent "request" of one of my coaches, GlamourPuss was created.

      Fast forward 22 years and here we are.  I love my work and I love my clients.  Being able to provide a few moments of calm, a few laughs and maybe some "therapy" for them makes me happy.  Enhancing a woman's natural beauty is what fulfills me.  It's going to be a beautiful experience!

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